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Our processes bring you better business solutions:

  Business Knowledge     Organization Assessment

We help you understand current trends and issues within your company that are critical to running your business:


We work with you to uncover your specific needs and opportunities and organize targeted solutions into manageable actions.

  • Participate in industry best practice with an emphasis on Health Care Reform Compliance

  • Business Health Care Surveys

  • Reform Calculators (Exchange vs Private Insurance)

  • Maximize Organizational Return on Employees
    (MORE System)
  • Help you discover your vision

  • Identify client specific issues

  • Organize into manageable units

  • Help implement and provide accountability



  Partners with Real Solutions     Financial Solutions

We help you manage your HR and employee programs with Business Solutions.


We review the many Cost Drivers that affect your business and provide targeted solutions:

  • Monthly Wellness Newsletters

  • On-line EAP and Health Coach

  • Real HR Answers

  • HR Technology Solutions

  • Surveys
  • Communications / Education

  • Attraction and Retention

  • Employee Engagement

  • Wellness

  • Benefits

  Let Us Help Make Your Business Better.

Contact us:
Preferred Benefits, Inc.

phone:  (616) 956-1199
fax:  (616) 956-1214

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